Imperial Remodel Solutions takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of remodeling services.


Are you looking for the right Flooring that best suits your home décor? If yes, then ImperosX can help you. We understand that Flooring is much more than just the surface you walk on. Therefore, our experienced flooring consultants strive to deliver beautiful yet functional flooring solutions.

We at ImperosX know that your floor should complement your home’s practicality and aesthetics. We aim to create an ambiance and mood that offers a unique, everlasting impact on your home décor and design. Different floorings have different levels of durability and maintenance requirements. When it comes to the design and installation of Flooring, all you need is to know your needs, and we will help you select the Flooring that fits your needs.

Are you craving the amiability of hardwood? Do you desire easy-to-maintain laminate Flooring? Or do you just intend to add the handcrafted appearance of ceramic tile or the natural appearance and sustainability of cork? Regardless of your flooring priorities and requirements, we provide a unique solution, ensuring appealing design and functionality. Beyond Flooring, we also provide comprehensive home remodeling services, including kitchen and bathroom. We integrate our flooring services seamlessly with these renovations, ensuring a cohesive and beautiful result. Choose ImperosX for all your flooring needs. We’re dedicated to transforming your space with quality flooring that stands the test of time.

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Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a passion for design and a commitment to craftsmanship.

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At Imperial Remodel Solutions, we believe that creating your dream space shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag

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At Imperial Remodel Solutions, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to remodeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I initiate my project?

To get started, give us a call to schedule your free estimate. During this estimate, one of our specialists will visit your home to measure and inspect the Flooring you’d like to remodel

How soon should I schedule my flooring project?

We recommend scheduling your project 2-4 weeks ahead, but timelines depend on project size, scope, and workload. For optimal results, confirm our availability before finalizing plans.

Will I need to move out of my home during the installation?

You’ll only need to find other accommodations if the project scope covers most of your living space. However, if it’s limited to a single room or small area, you can stay in your home with some restrictions.

How much dust will be there during the installation and sanding stage?

At ImperosX, we strive to control dust during installation and sanding. Despite our efforts, some dust may still spread. To reduce this, we’ll set up equipment outside (weather permitting) and mask off your furnishings and cabinets.

What happens to my current Flooring?

You have two options when it comes to your previously installed Flooring. You can handle the removal yourself, which saves you a little bit of money. Or our crew can remove it (including tile, carpet, or wood) and dispose of it.

How long will the remodel take?

The duration of your remodel depends on the project’s size and scope. Typically, projects take 2-7 days to complete. Contact us for a more precise estimate tailored to your project details and consultation observations.

How soon can I walk on my new floors?

After the final coat, wait 12 hours before walking on floors with stocking feet and 24 hours with shoes. Wait 48 hours before moving furniture or allowing pets. It’s best to wait 1-2 weeks before placing rugs. Avoid using water or cleaning products on the Flooring for at least a week.